If you are in the market for a new home but are finding it difficult to decide whether you would like to purchase a new home or build one, this article is for you. There are many factors to consider in your decision in order to make the best possible choice. Read further for some pros and cons of each side and you will find yourself ready to make the choice!


Is Move-In-Ready Important to You?

 Whether or not buying a move-in-ready home is important to you or not will determine your decision of whether to buy a new home or to use home builders to build you a new home.  If you want a home that is move-in-ready, meaning that you don’t have to make any updates or repairs, clean, etc. then perhaps a new construction home is for you. However, if you don’t mind a little work on the front end before you move into your home, it might be a good idea to build a home to your specific standards.



Cost is another factor to consider when deciding if you want to buy new or build. Both materials and land are going to be an added cost when building a new home with home builders. Buying a new construction home means that the land price is already included, while building a home would mean that you pay for the land at a separate price. An additional cost when building a home could be the price of building materials. Building materials can be expensive as the prices continue to increase.

The reason building materials might be less expensive when buying a new construction home is because the home builders could use some of their surplus of materials purchased previously, which would prevent them from having to purchase new material. Another cost to consider when building a home is the building permit. Building permits can be difficult to come by, lengthy in process, and come at a fee. If you are purchasing a home that is already built, there are no building permits to bother with.


It’s all the in the Details

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when deciding between purchasing new home or building a home is in the details. If you like the idea of choosing every detail involved in your home and designing it in just the way you want, then building is probably the best bet for you. That way you can choose all the details that best fits your personality and what you need and are looking for in a home.